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RS3 Rare Items – Party Hats and Santa Hats

RuneScape (RS3) is perhaps everyone’s favorite MMORPG. Being able to run RS without having to go through the trouble of installing this extraordinary game makes it beyond appealing to all.


Party Hats and Santa Hats are used to hold large sums of cash, because the gold coin limit is 2.147B and these hats can help players add to their wealth over time. Due to their rarity, these items hold a much higher street value than their value on the Grand Exchange. Whereas, their high price has also helped them become recognized as a symbol of wealth in the game by most players.


While RS remains popular amongst plenty of gamers, the game features several rare items that most of us are always itching to get our hands on. Party Hats and Santa Hats are the two of the most sought-after items. While these discontinued rare items cannot be obtained through the game and Jagex (the inventor of the game) has expressed that he does not intend to recreate the effect these hats had on the game, trading is the only way for players to acquire these items.


With the ever-increasing value of these items, it is has become important for players to obtain them along with other rare items, such as Christmas crackers, Easter eggs, Rainbow Cape, and others.

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Can You Trade Items Between Accounts In Runescape?

Trading between accounts in RuneScape has been allowed for many years now. But if you’re considering trading between your RuneScape account and OSRS account, then that’s not possible. To trade, you can either have the seller (or you yourself) initiate the trade or just let the seller simply plop the items or gold down to the ground so you can promptly pick them up.


Why Buy RuneScape Items

Purchasing a rare RS3 item is a lot more than just a commodity – it is an actual investment. Considering the high demand and scarce availability, obtaining these items is extremely difficult and time consuming. Looking for a way to acquire rare items without wasting any time? We suggest that you buy RuneScape items from a trusted external source, like PlayerAuctions.

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